Here’s a tutorial on how to restore and fix lost IMEI on Redmi 3S device. This is also helpful if IMEI was lost after accidentally changing to USA BAND. This guide was compiled after reading and understanding information from many different sources.

Restoring lost IMEI on Xiaomi Redmi 3S / 3X

  1. Remove SIM cards and connect your device to PC.
  2. Important! Make backup using QPST tool. (Read our full guide about QPST backup here.)
  3. After successful IMEI backup keep QPST opened, since we will need it later.
  4. Find your original IMEI codes on the box (one should be written on the back side of the box and another one on the sticker that was originally pasted on backside of your device).
  5. Start IMEI Converter.
  6. In the left field enter your original IMEI and press “Convert”. Copy and save the converted code somewhere, we will need it later. Repeat the same steps for the second IMEI code. Close IMEI Converter since it won’t be needed anymore.IMEI Converter
  7. Now download and install Hex Workshop. With Hex Workshop open 000000_0.qcn file (download link below). Press “ctrl+f” and search for this line: “08 8A 16 11 02 33 44 55 67”.Hex Workshop
  8. Now replace “08 8A 16 11 02 33 44 55 67” with previously converted IMEI 1.
  9. Next search for “08 8A 16 11 02 33 44 55 66” and then replace it with previously converted IMEI 2.
  10. Close Hex Workshop. On the questions: Save changes to 000000_0.qcn? – Press “Yes”. Would you like to make a backup of 000000_0.qcn? – Press “No”.
  11. Now get back to QPST tool (previously, we made our backup here). But this time we select “Restore” and choose our 000000_0.qcn file with changed IMEI.
    1. Read our full guide about QPST backup here.
    2. To restore: in QPST press Start Clients and Software Download.
    3. Now open Backup tab and select 000000_0.qcn file with previously changed IMEI.Restoring IMEI with QPST Configuration Tool
  12. Press “Start” and wait for 3-5 minutes.
  13. After the process is finished disconnect your device from PC.
  14. Reboot your device, insert your SIM card and rejoice working IMEI.


IMEI Converter:

QPST 2.7 Installer: QPST.WIN.2.7

Hex Workshop: